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Performance & Comedy

- The Velvet Card

"It’s just an event to look at her existing."

I am and always have felt very comfortable onstage. Generally, the audience is comfortable too.

I began performing as a child in music showcases and at public speaking competitions, before going on to build a career as a professional musician, cabaret performer and event MC/host. With a diverse background and experience, I pride myself on being a communicative, efficient and engaging host (and stage stage manager), whether I'm addressing a group of 100 burlesque fans, a crowd of 5,000 New Year's Eve revelers, or 25 corporate guests at a formal event.

I now perform under my own name or as my cabaret character Lucinda Panties, of the Perth-based troupe Lady Velvet Cabaret. I regularly perform a mix of comedy, cabaret and improv, though I am also a classical musician and enjoy recording covers of pop, blues, jazz and rock music for fun on my days off.

I have self-produced solo cabaret or comedy shows including:

I Owe My Parents $65,000

An Absolute Idiot's Guide to Art 
Lucinda Panties' Super Funtimes Singalong Jamboree (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
I have an aversion to shows with short titles.
The Jamboree show was awarded a Weekly Cabaret Award at the 2020 Fringe World Festival, Perth, and Part 2 received excellent reviews at the 2021 Festival.

Whilst usually time-poor, I'm still always interested in performing and collaborating. I am an experienced event host and public speaker, as well as playing the violin, piano, voice, guitar, autoharp, accordion, ukulele, and other noisy objects with varying levels of success.


If this is painting a broad and confusing picture, an excerpt from this 2021 review sums things up better than I ever could:

"Lucinda Panties – Five Stars

I’d never seen Lucinda Panties before but the name told me everything I needed to know, and she very much lives up to it. Fun, bubbly, just sexual enough without pushing too far and making anybody uncomfortable, which is refreshing. Lucinda was our glorious host tonight and was realistically perfect in every way. She checked all the boxes. She learned the name of a girl drinking in the audience to pick on often, and picked the right one too because that girl was loving the attention. Lightly played with a fine gentleman who was clearly not new to being a recurring victim of the host. Had all the running gags going, easily familiarised us with herself and her humour. She had seemingly infinite stall material, not that she needed it – thanks stage kittens! And best of all for me personally, she was confident – but also a little awkward. I adore hosts that have a little bit of relatable awkwardness on stage. When they babble on for a while and realise they don’t have a point, when something goes wrong and they acknowledge it and make it even bigger and you really don’t know if it was on purpose or not. The real standout thing to me about Lucinda Panties was how she would yell at us, and at the performers. Between accusing the magician of witchcraft and telling us to shut up while she talked to her audience members, that high energy shout was contagious. She is a contagious person in the best possible way, and that’s what makes a perfect host."

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