Performance & Comedy

I am and always have felt very comfortable onstage. Generally, the audience is comfortable too.

I began performing as a child in music showcases and at public speaking competitions, before going on to build a career as a professional musician, cabaret performer and event MC/host.

I now perform under my own name or as my cabaret character Lucinda Panties, of the Perth-based troupe Lady Velvet Cabaret. I perform a mix of comedy, cabaret and improv, though I am also a classical musician and enjoy recording covers of pop, blues, jazz and rock music for fun on my days off.

I have self-produced solo shows including:

I Owe My Parents $65,000

An Absolute Idiot's Guide to Art and Lucinda Panties' Super Funtimes Singalong Jamboree. I have an aversion to shows with short titles. The Jamboree was awarded a Weekly Cabaret Award at the 2020 Fringe World Festival, Perth, and Part 2 will be presented at 2021's Fringe World Festival.

Whilst usually time-poor, I'm still always interested in performing and collaborating. I am an experienced event host and public speaker, as well as playing the violin, piano, voice, guitar, autoharp, accordion, ukulele, and other noisy objects with varying levels of success.

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