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Do you struggle to make conversation at art galleries?

Are you never quite sure if all that wine over there is for free?

Are you confused and infuriated by Perth's "giant cactus"?

Do you mix up Manet and Monet?

Fear not! Sylvia Sippl has an art degree and she's not afraid to use it (actually she's pretty desperate to use it). 

Join visual artist, comedian, musician, and art teacher Sylvia Sippl for an entertaining, uncensored, and educational guide to the weird and wonderful world of art.

Show dates
9, 10, 11 February - City of Perth Library


4, 5 March - Busselton Fringe Festival

Review Excerpts
"A whimsical, accessible and entertaining introduction to the basics, the philosophy and history of art...Even for those well-versed in art history, Sippl has plenty of fresh approaches to the material. For those with no prior knowledge, this is a perfect introduction to a broad topic, with plenty of laughs all round." - Artshub

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