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I am a visual and performing arts professional based in Perth, Western Australia.


Treading a path dangerously close to the 'Jack of All Trades' cliff, I participate across The Arts spectrum in a range of capacities, including as a:
- Visual artist

- Qualified visual arts teacher (secondary, with experience from primary to adults)
- Musician
- Music teacher, all ages (working towards an Australian Kodaly Certificate)

- Drama teacher, primary to secondary

- MC/compere
- Comedy & cabaret performer
- Stage manager
- Producer (content creation, venue/festival liaising, marketing, press, promotion, talent booking)

I am a passionate advocate (can you call yourself an advocate if no one is listening? I am a passionate void-shouter then), for special needs education, for body positivity/neutrality, diversity, mental health, equality and other extremely far-reaching and broad concepts far beyond my field of speciality. I love to learn, grow, and overthink. If you feel I'd be a good match for an upcoming project or collaboration, please get in touch via the contact page.

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