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Sylvia Sippl I Owe My Parents $65,000 Busselton Fringe Festival Poster Image

'I Owe My Parents $65,000' at WA's Fringe Festivals

What's the real cost of an arts education? More to the point, what's the real benefit?


Join Sylvia Sippl for an honest exploration of what it took to get where she is (wherever that is). Sylvia has participated in Perth's Fringe World festival each year since 2012 as a visual artist, musician, and cabaret MC. In 2016 she combines all three disciplines into one multimedia show! Expect music, art, and above all, honesty.


Show Dates

January 2016

- 7.00pm Pirate Bar, Mt Hawthorn on Jan 22, 23, 24 and 25.


March 2016

- 6.00pm The New Courtroom (Busselton) March 11 - tickets.

- 6.15pm Acting Up Studio (Busselton) March 12 - tickets.

- How to Owe Your Parents $65,000 (30 min, family friendly) 2.00pm at the Angelo Street Marketplace, part of the South Perth Fiesta.


Review Exerpts


"Embellishing the show with anecdotal elements and hilarious musical renditions, I Owe My Parents $65,000 is a relatable piece exhibiting the lovable elements of raw stand-up.

If there’s one thing you’ll appreciate after attending the show it’ll be the way Sippl serves up her stories on a plate, guts, fire and all."
- The Ink Grid (click for full review)


"In an all too relatable tale, Sippl runs through exactly what her parents paid for in order to have violin lessons, get a degree in the art, and (described as the pinnacle of her career) performing on stage with the London Philharmonic. But to call this her greatest achievement would be doing her a great disservice...
...The biggest thing I could fault it for was being entirely too relatable and sending me into a depressing spiral of calculating what I owe my parents."

- Rotunda Media (click for full review - note website under construction)



Click here to view the gallery of live images from the show courtesy of Wild Kat Photography.



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