Lucinda Panties' Super Funtimes Singalong Jamboree

Think you know music? Think you have good taste? Think you'll be able to sit through this show without singing along? Well Lucinda Panties is ready to show you that thinking is for losers!

Lucinda has wowed crowds across the world, and she's bringing you along on her next jamboree journey. Get ready to explore the highs and lows of Lucinda's Super Funtimes Jamboree playlist and discover new favourites, old favourites, and plenty of highly invasive earworms - mmm, tasty!

BYO instrument, whether it's a ukulele or a trombone (but prepare to be unpopular if it's a trombone), and join in the fun with chords & lyrics provided, or just sit back and enjoy the antics as Perth's queen of cabaret takes the stage and challenges your understanding of music, taste, and appropriate use of a kazoo.

The show was first presented 24th January 2020 as part of the Fringe World Festival season at Sunset Veranda (presented by City of Stirling).