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Lucinda Panties'
Super Funtimes Singalong Jamboree

The award-winning show featuring beautifully arranged medleys, mash-ups, kazoos and comedy, where the audience can sing and play along.

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The concept is simple:

My friends and I love to jam. We love to find unexpected songs that harmonise perfectly with each other. We love songs that make us groove in our seats even if they're sad, or bad, or barely-remembered from a cat food ad we saw once in the 2000s.

Lucinda Panties' Super Funtimes Singalong Jamboree is part cabaret show, part open jam session. With a pre-determined set list, games and cabaret antics, plus the added twist: the lyrics and chords are always displayed so anyone can join in.

Guests are encouraged to bring an instrument or sing along - regardless of your experience or ability. It's not about perfection, it's about having fun and vibing together!

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"Overall, Lucinda’s Jamboree is for anyone who loves good music, who loves bad music, who loves kazoos. Song, laughter, foot-stomping, and a plethora of smiles. The audience were up for it, very responsive, over-emoting to the poppiest of 90s pap, while the artists on stage are having a ball." ★★★★
- Paul Meek, FringeFeed 2022

"Sylvia Sippl is the face behind alter ego Lucinda Panties, an Award Winning multi-disciplinary artist whose supersized personality oozes out of every talent-filled pore. Personable, with an infectious quality it’s impossible not to be swept along into the fun of it all when your host is this confident and encouraging... This show is all about getting involved having fun and jamming the hell out in an all-inclusive no holds barred super fun time singalong. It’s all right there in the title." ★★★★
- Amanda Lancaster, Fourth Wall Media 2022

"Lucinda and her Jamboree was extravagant. The way that she made every single audience member feel involved, at home, truly part of the performance was something I haven’t seen before. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room – normally said for a dramatically emotional performance – but we all just laughed until we cried! Each aspect of the performance was thought out and perfected in execution. I cannot wait to see another Lucinda Panties production of this quality again." ★★★★★
- The Velvet Card, 2021

"Sylvia Sippl, a multi-talented local favourite and 2020 FRINGE WORLD
Award Winner, reveals she’s had more experience as a burlesque MC and invites the audience to let loose with its enthusiasm. Her alter-ego Lucinda Panties will keep you engrossed seamlessly hosting you through laughs, cheering on seemingly random antics, and karaoke-style group singalongs. The hour will be up all too soon. You’ll be treated to some classic tunes alongside some more quirky music that you can somehow still find familiar enough to lend your voice, kazoo, or noisemaker to. No matter how random it feels, Lucinda artfully lures you along and the fun continues to unfold.

You are encouraged to bring along an instrument and while this may seem like one of those magnanimous gestures a host rolls out but secretly hopes you don’t listen to, the more you put into this show, the more fun there is to be had. If you’re inclined to show up with an instrument and play along, the odds are high you and the rest of the audience won’t regret it." ★★★★

- Adele Aria, FringeFeed 2021

Malaika Moon & Cece Desist

Want to Jam?

Find out when the show is happening next by joining my mailing list, or enquire about booking a version of it for your own event.

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Lucinda Panties Super Funtimes Singalong
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