Performance, Film and Photography

A selection of images from performance work (photographed and filmed) and accompanying works.

Smoke Piece, 2010, film of performance, photographs - Semester 1 BFA Exhibition, Cullity Gallery, UWA

A box filled with keepsakes is set on fire against the night sky. Onto the smoke, a video of the artist is projected. Despite speaking for the entire length of the video, the performance is silent.


Bone of my Bones, Flesh of my Flesh, 2010, film of performance, photographs - 2010 Graduate Exhibition, Cullity Gallery, UWA and Lucky Dip Pakistan Flood Benefit, Leederville.

"An exploration of the presence, absence, and transcendence of identity".
Three self-portrait photographs accompany a looped projection of the artist continuously blacking out and then clearing up the screen. The viewer's gaze is thus interrupted throughout the film, though eventually even the 'cleared' view is still dirty.


Your life is in my hands, 2010, film, handmade paper - Masterpeace exhibition, Manhattan's, Victoria Park
Part of ARTillery 2010′s Masterpeace exhibition, which paired a number of artists with an “at risk” individual, prompting an honest and at times difficult discussion of justice and human rights.