Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets are on sale now for An Absolute Idiot's Guide to Art at Perth's Fringe World festival 2017. Don't take the reviewers' word for it - get a real education on Feb 9, 10, or 11 at the City of Perth Library.

Text below for vision impaired: "If there’s one thing you’ll appreciate after attending the show it’ll be the way Sippl serves up her stories on a plate, guts, fire and all."  - The Ink Grid " call this her greatest achievement would be doing her a great disservice. By day, Sippl works as a high school teacher.. By night, she moonlights as a musician/actor/comedian/MC...The biggest thing I could fault it for was being entirely too relatable.."  - Rotunda Media "She is a very nice teacher and she is really helpful. But when she is angry she really does yell, but she doesn't do that so much. Really experienced and doesn't mimd [sic] if you talk a lot. Really cool" - Anonymous student from

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