The reviews are in: I Owe My Parents $65,000

The debut season of I Owe My Parents $65,000 has officially drawn to a close and it was a great success. Packing out Pirate Bar for four nights, the show got some attention from independent reviewers, see excerpts below: The Ink Grid:

"Embellishing the show with anecdotal elements and hilarious musical renditions, I Owe My Parents $65,000 is a relatable piece exhibiting the lovable elements of raw stand-up.

If there’s one thing you’ll appreciate after attending the show it’ll be the way Sippl serves up her stories on a plate, guts, fire and all. Not one to shy away from the less explored humour of high school teaching and the general dim wit a majority of adolescents possess, the 45 minute show will have you flashing back to your own childhood endeavours with a fondness and greater appreciation to the ones who funded it all…your parents."

- Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

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Rotunda Media:

"In an all too relatable tale, Sippl runs through exactly what her parents paid for in order to have violin lessons, get a degree in the art, and (described as the pinnacle of her career) performing on stage with the London Philharmonic. But to call this her greatest achievement would be doing her a great disservice. By day, Sippl works as a high school teacher (a skill that in and of itself that would require more patience than any musical instrument). By night, she moonlights as a musician/actor/comedian/MC... ...The biggest thing I could fault it for was being entirely too relatable and sending me into a depressing spiral of calculating what I owe my parents (hint: it’s a lot more than $65,000, and I don’t have an art degree to show for it)."

- Michael Winsall

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The show was also featured on Pge 4 of the Stirling Times (as well as other editions) on 19th Jan. Interviewed by Rosanna Candler and photographed by Andrew Ritchie, Sylvia describes the show and how her journey towards becoming an artist began (the word 'wedgie' is mentioned). Scroll up for full article.

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