Fringe for Adults

Sylvia (and her alter ego Lucinda Panties) are participating in a number of hilarious and saucy shows at this year's Fringe World festival. Check out the list below: Symphonies of Sensuality Presented by Lady Velvet Cabaret Ah, classical music. Nothing is quite as sophisticated, graceful, or passionate. Symphonies of Sensuality sees Perth's Lady Velvet Cabaret pay homage to the greatest composers of all time: Tchaikovs-tease, Rimsky-Corsetoff, Babehoven and more. Burlesque artists join forces with dancers, musicians, singers and our very own Maestro to present a show that's just too hot to Handel.Giving modern burlesque a baroque twist, Symphonies of Sensuality is set entirely to classic

Fringe for Kids

Sylvia is privileged enough to be involved with some excellent kids shows at this year's Fringe World festival. The team from The WA Performance School are presenting their first extravaganza for kids and families - presented at the Summerset Festival's Sunset Veranda. ACTIVATE! is a high energy variety show for kids and families with games, prizes, singing and dancing - all promoting the message of being active not just physically but within your community. Some of the students of the WA Performance School will also be performing alongside legendary children's entertainer Peter Combe in his show Bellyflop in a Pizza. The kids have received great reviews for past shows and encourage audienc

Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets are on sale now for An Absolute Idiot's Guide to Art at Perth's Fringe World festival 2017. Don't take the reviewers' word for it - get a real education on Feb 9, 10, or 11 at the City of Perth Library. Text below for vision impaired: "If there’s one thing you’ll appreciate after attending the show it’ll be the way Sippl serves up her stories on a plate, guts, fire and all."  - The Ink Grid " call this her greatest achievement would be doing her a great disservice. By day, Sippl works as a high school teacher.. By night, she moonlights as a musician/actor/comedian/MC...The biggest thing I could fault it for was being entirely too relatable.."  - Rotunda Media "She is a ver