Angelo Street Marketplace - South Perth Fiesta 2016

Sylvia will be MCing from 10am-4pm at the Angelo Street Marketplace as part of the annual South Perth Fiesta. At 2.00pm at the community stage also catch "How to Owe Your Parents $65,000", a 30 minute family friendly version of "I Owe my Parents $65,000" incorporating some parts of the original show plus some new material! If you didn't catch IOMP65K at Perth Fringe (or Busselton), or couldn't bring the youngsters, come along and enjoy this special presentation as part of a full day of entertainment and activities. Find the Facebook event for the marketplace here.

IOMP65K is coming to Busselton!

Sylvia is packing up the Getz and road tripping down to Busselton! Participating in the Busselton Fringe Festival, Sylvia is bringing the IOMP65K show to Southern audiences, as well as MCing burlesque and dance events! Tickets to IOMP65K are available online here, and you can find out more about the event here. Dance Fever is a fun new project hosted by Sylvia, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun!